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HAKKINDA Escort Hizmeti

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  • I am a retired Escort-dominatrix with four criedhln. Though I started at 17 yrs old briefly than quit . I then was married worked for a major dental insurance corporate office. I had surgury that left me disabled Two years ,my husband physically and sexually assaulted me I had a nervous breakdown all this stemed from our pill addiction. I lost my criedhln and ended up in Fresno Ca. Working the track. I after came home and found Myredbook and began posting in escort-bdsm, I cleaned up yet found the hustle to be an addiction. My oldest came back into my life, she is my inspiration for quitting the biz. I have an relationship with all my kids excluding my youngest still with his abusive father ,my ex. My criedhln found out I was prostituting through a big mouthed relative. They looked at me different, now we’ve gone through counseling and are fixing our wounds. I’ve heard and known escorts hiding kids in closets during sessions and criedhln being in home during sessions, which is a scary ,scary thing. So I do know for us girls sometimes the danger is surreal. Under the glitz, notoriety, 5stars ,money and reviews. We become friends with some, they’re good ,normal guys but than there’s the dangerous ones. I am now with symptoms of breast cancer and liver failure, I was planning on working 17 through 24 of Dec. And deleted post. But illness has made my retirement early. I’m having a hard time excepting the fact I’m not gonna have the good xmas for my kids . But my kids would rather have nothing and have me safe with no worries of me relappsing or being in danger. I’ve had 53 days clean of my addiction to my money..But my Babies though now they’re 11,14,15&17 there still my babies! And they’re more important than any monetary stability that if my health is gonna get better , I can use my brain. The adult world of even the most glamorous escorts is no place for criedhln.. I’ve only known one who can seperate the two worlds as far as ,never in her home.But she scares me with lack of screening .

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